About Agile Compass

I’m your host, Michael Khaw. My aim is to help you discover some truly wonderful, exceptional “hidden gems” for bicycling which also offer Michael biking other enticements such as delicious food and drink, engaging history, culture and art, and have a great time you’ll have fond memories of.

Agile Compass, my 2nd bike touring company, has been in operation since 2005. Previously, from 2001 I was half-owner of Cycling–Made in Italy. In 2000, I completed Adventure Cycling Association’s Leadership Training Course for cycle tour leaders with outstanding evaluations from the instructors. Throughout the 1990s I was a customer of other companies on 13 bike tours in Italy, France, Spain and New Zealand. I’ve also done self-supported tours in Utah and California.

As you can see from the photos, I’m neither French nor Italian. Michael, niece and nephew I’ve lived in Italy, speak Italian, and have biked in many parts of it, North, Central and South, since 1992. I’ve also traveled and biked in France many times, and I’m brushing up my rusty school French (Je comprends mieux que je peux parler ou écrire). My personal connection to Italy & France? My niece and nephew (see photo on right) are part Sicilian and French from their dad’s side.

People often think I’m a young guy and my legs must be shaven, therefore I’m a wannabe-racer. On the contrary, I’m a fair bit older than I look, I lack body hair, and I don’t race.

In my former career I was a software developer for many, many years. This website is my handiwork. Constructive suggestions for making it more informative, comprehensive, easier to navigate are welcome: please send an email.


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